Group 24 - 12 Volt Dual Purpose Battery - 24DPM

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Ruggedly engineered for the demanding marine market the 24DPM is suitable for use in Marine electronics and on-board applications as well as engine cranking.


Voltage: 12 
CCA: 710
MCA: 900
RC: 135 Min.
Capacity: 60 AmpHr 

Length: 10.50" 
Width: 6.25" 
Height Over Terminals: 9.00"

Terminals: Marine + Post 
Chemistry: Maintenance-Free Flooded Lead Acid 

2 Year Warranty - 1 Year Free Replacement/1 Year Pro-Rata
Includes Free Ground Shipping!

Replaces all of the following:

Interstate SRM-24

Interstate SRM-24B

Power Volt V24DC6

Power Volt V24DC7

AC Delco M24MF

AC Delco DC24

Auto Zone 24DP-DL

Auto Zone 24MDC-2

Douglas 24DC

Douglas 24SUPERDCM

East Penn - Deka DP24

East Penn - Deka DC24

Exide ST24DC180

Exide ST24DP700

Exide ST24MP200

Exide XXHD-M-2T

Exide NC-24

Exide NG-24

Motorcraft BH-29MDC

Napa 8301

Napa 8271

Napa 8270

Pep Boys 24DC-850

Sears 96410

Sears 27524

Wal Mart 24DC-6

Ever Start 24DC-6

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