Lifeline Batteries

Autocar Division AT (1985-1986) Garbage Truck Battery

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The LifelineGPL-24T Battery is the BEST battery we can recommend for this application.


Will not leak - 100% Non-Spillable Design

Non-hazardous material

Resists shock and vibration


Lower self-discharge rate

No gassing during charging (Safer for enclosed applications with little venting)

Maintenance-free, never needs filling

Due to even distribution of electrolyte, plates remain covered avoiding dry corrosion.

Meets all EPA/OSHA requirements


Voltage: 12V

Rated Cap. Amp. Hrs. 20 Hr Rate: 80


Length in(mm): 11.13

Width in (mm): 6.77

Height in (mm): 9.25


Weight: 56.00lbs / 25.50 Kgs

Cold Cranking Amps

68 - 800

32 - 680

0 - 550

Minutes of Discharge

25 Amps 149

15 Amps 259

8 Amps 524


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