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Group 27 - 12 Volt Deep Cycle Marine Battery - 27TM

Product Number: PS27TM

SKU: 1210131

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Low Maintenance cranking and Deep Cycle Battery.
The 27TM is ruggedly engineered for the industrial deep cycle market and is perfectly suitable for use in Marine applications for cranking and deep cycle use!


Voltage: 12 
Capacity: 85Ahr 
MCA: 850
RC: 150 Min.
Length: 12.00" 
Width: 6.25" 
Height Over Terminals: 9.00"
Terminals: Marine + Post 
Chemistry: Flooded Lead Acid 

2 Year Warranty - 1 Year Free Replacement/1 Year Pro-Rata
Includes Free Ground Shipping!

Replaces all of the following:

Interstate SRM-27

Interstate SRM-27B

Power Volt V27DC6

Power Volt V27DC7

AC Delco M27MF

AC Delco DC27

Auto Zone 27DP-DL

Auto Zone 27MDC-2

Douglas 27DC

Douglas 27SUPERDCM

East Penn - Deka DP27

East Penn - Deka DC27

Exide ST27DC180

Exide ST27DP700

Exide ST27MP200

Exide XXHD-M-2T

Exide NC-27

Exide NG-27

Motorcraft BH-29MDC

Napa 8301

Napa 8271

Napa 8270

Pep Boys 27DC-850

Sears 96410

Sears 27524

Wal Mart 27DC-6

Ever Start 27DC-6

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