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24V 8A Linear 4 Stage Charger

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Advanced 4-Stage Linear Charger
High output 24 Volt 8.0 Amp Linear XLR connector battery charger from Universal Power Group. Suitable for use on sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries of size 22 Amp Hour or larger. Typical applications include mobility scooters and power chairs equipped with an offboard charging female XLR socket.


  • Complete 4-Stage Process - Bulk Charge, Absorption, Maintenance/Float
  • Short Circuit Protection - Prevents damage caused when operating in short circuit condition for an indefinite period of time. The charger is "self-recovering" when the fault condition is removed.
  • Reverse Polarity Protection - Audible alarm sounds indicating reverse polarity. Prevents damage when positive and negative polarities are connected in reverse.
  • Fully Automatic Operation - Safely charges and maintains a full charge. The final stage of charging is the float mode and the battery may remain connected indefinitely. In this mode, the charger maintains a fully charged battery.
  • Designed to Prevent Over-Charging - Automatically switches to float mode.
  • Low Voltage Protection - When the battery voltage is below a preset value, the charger will not start charging. This protects the charger from defective batteries.
  • LED Display - 3 LED displays indicate the charging status: power on, charging, charged/float.
  • Input: 110-120 VAC, 60Hz, 4.0A
  • Output: 24 VDC, 8.0A maximum