Hospital Emergency Equipment

Hospital Emergency Equipment

For years, Powerstride Battery has played a role in helping hospitals and healthcare staff effectively preserve and care for the life of patients. Utilizing the largest selection of batteries available on the internet, Powerstride has successfully provided hospitals with a supply of power in situations where an electrical source is either unattainable or unavailable.

When hospitals are faced with a lack of necessary power it is generally due to two scenarios: those that are dire and those that are disastrous. 

Dire: Onsite Emergencies, Portable Equipment, and Convenience

Many emergencies require the use of advanced healthcare equipment in a quick and portable manner. Attempting to find an electrical source to power these critical pieces of medical equipment during an emergency is unlikely and a waste of time. Powerstride has helped to address this challenge by providing batteries for medical equipment like defibrillators, infusion pumps, cardiac output monitors, PDAs, medical lamps, blood pressure monitors, patient lifts, portable x-ray machines, and much more. Batteries have made portable medical devices possible and provided the healthcare industry with the means to save lives faster and care for patients more efficiently by making essential medical equipment portable.

Outside of emergency situations, batteries have facilitated the increased convenience and comfort within hospitals today through battery powered wheelchairs and scooters, computers, glucometers, thermometers, TENS units, external pacemakers, bone growth stimulators, blood analyzers, galvanic stimulators, holter monitors, pulse oximeters, and nurse call systems.     

Disastrous: Power Outages, Natural Disasters, and Unexpected Calamites

Batteries are the only thing keeping a hospital running when power outages, natural disasters, or unexpected calamites occur. Without the power of batteries, staff would not be able to effectively monitor patients, some patients would not be able to receive the care they require, and surgeons would not be able to perform emergency surgeries due to a lack of light. Thankfully, batteries allow hospitals to function efficiently in these disastrous situations by allowing communication via two way radios and pagers, by delivering light through medical lamps and emergency lighting systems, and by providing security by means of cameras and fire detectors.

Equip your medical staff with the resources needed to care for patients and save lives by contacting Powerstride Battery today. With thousands of batteries to choose from, we guarantee your satisfaction with our ability to find a solution that fits your industry and your budget.