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What does “Smart Charger” mean?

In short..? It means that particular charging manufacturer’s marketing department has been working overtime to come up with a way to make you think their technology is more sophisticated than “the other guys'” technology. There are many terms used today to describe one brands technological superiority over another. As a consumer, it’s...

Cold Weather Charging!

If you’ve paid any attention to the weather report for North America, then you know it got REALLY COLD REALLY FAST the past two days. One of the most horrific killers of batteries is dramatic temperature change or even freezing cold temperatures! What a lot of people who live off-grid or who boondock (Dry-camp) Full-time often forget, is when it gets cold,...

Car Battery Myths: Don’t Follow This Bad Advice

While people do generally mean well, it’s unrealistic to expect that the average person understands all the dynamics between a car and its battery. You will probably recognize some of the assumptions and advice repeated below, but you very well may be surprised by the accuracy of these claims. If you’re interested in preserving the life of your battery and...

Multipurpose SLA Batteries | UB1290F2

Multipurpose SLA Batteries | UB1290F2

Oct 11, 2013

Cars, ATV’s, motorcycles, you name it and you will most likely find a battery buried within the depths of all its other electrical components. We tend to forget how essential batteries are to the actual use of a product until the battery dies and with it the product as well. Because batteries are such a common and integral part of our everyday lives, it is...

Put a CHARGE into your Summer!

Put a CHARGE into your Summer!

Apr 18, 2012

Hey, before you read this post, do me a favor go get two glasses of water and an eye-dropper before reading on about Marine Battery charging. No, no. That’s okay. I’ll wait. Seriously… Ready? First, choose one of your glasses and name it “My Marine Battery.” Now, drink half of the water out of that glass called your “Battery”. The remaining...

Getting the most from your Golf Cart

Getting the most from your Golf Cart

Apr 16, 2012

They used to be Golf Carts. Now, they’re Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs). And it used be that retirement communities were the only places you would see a Golf  Cart or NEV on the street. But NEV communities are becoming a trend in the small neighborhood-upscale re-developing of America. Beyond communities devoted to the retirement lifestyle of...