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BCI Group 51R Battery - PS51R-675

Product Number: PS51R-675

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Group 51R Battery

Voltage: 12 
CCA: 450
CA: 540
RC: 80 Min.

Length: 9.13" 
Width: 4.87" 
Height Over Terminals: 8.62"
Terminals: Auto Post

Chemistry: Main. Free Lead Acid 

3 Year Warranty!

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Replaces all of the following:

Interstate MT-51R

Interstate I-51R

Power Volt V51R-6

AC Delco 51R-5YR

AC Delco ACD51R-60

Auto Zone 51R-D

Auto Zone 51R-DG

Auto Zone 51R-DLG

Auto Zone 51R-DL

Auto Zone 51R-VL

Auto Zone 51R-OY

Auto Zone 51R-6

Auto Zone 51R-B

Douglas 51R-675

East Penn - Deka 551RMF

Exide 51R-60

Motorcraft BXL-51R

Napa 5051R

Pep Boys 51R-500E

Pep Boys YEL51R

Sears 33052

Sears 33152

Sears 30052

Sears 30352

Wal Mart 51R-4

JLG 0400201

JLG 7025952

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BCI Group 51 Battery - PS51-675

BCI Group 51 Battery - PS51-675

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