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UB12500 - 12 Volt 50 Ahr Battery

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Print the UB12500 spec sheet here!

Voltage: 12
Capacity: 50 Ahr
Length: 7.72"
Width: 6.50"
Height over Terminal: 7.17"
Weight: 31.97 lbs.
Terminals: L Post
Chemistry: AGM
1 Year Warranty
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Amstron AP12-40DC GS Storage PE12-40 Portalac PE12-40
Amstron AP12-45 GS Storage PE12V40A Portalac PE12V40A
BB BP40-12 GS Storage PE12V40AB2 Power-Sonic PG-12V42FR
BB HR40-12 Hawker Cyclon 12GAX125 Power-Sonic PS-12400
BB BPL40-12 Haze HZB12-44 Ritar RA12-40
BB EP40-12 Hitachi HP44-12W Ritar RA12-45EV
CSB EVX12400 Interstate ABSL1161 Ritar RA12-40D
CSB GPL12400 Interstate BSL1161 Ritar RA12-45
CSB GP12380 Interstate SLA1162 Sonnenschein A412/32 F10
CSB GP12400 Johnson Controls GC12400 Sonnenschein A512/400G6
Douglas Guardian DBG12-40NB Johnson Controls UPS 12-135 Sonnenschein A412/32 G6
Douglas Guardian DG12-45 Johnson Controls UPS 42 Sonnenschein A512/40A
Douglas Guardian DBG12-45UTR Kung Long WP45-12 Sonnenschein A512/400A
Douglas Guardian DG12-45UTR MK ES40-12 Sonnenschein A512/40G6
Douglas Guardian DG12-40NB MK ES45-12FR HR Tempest TR40-12
EnerSys 0766-2001 Panasonic LC-L12V38P Tempest TR45-12
EnerSys G12V42EP Panasonic LC-X1242P Union MX-12400
Exide EP34-12 Panasonic LC-R12V38P Volcano KB12310
Exide EP42-12 Panasonic LC-XC1238AP Volcano KB12400
Global Yuasa ES40-12 Panasonic LC-X1242AP  

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