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6TL Military Ordinance Battery

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Also, check out the 6TMF from Deka HERE!

US 6TL (mil)6TMF


US 6TL Military Battery is the workhorse of 12 Volt Military batteries.

At a whopping 1010 Cranking Amps, the US 6TL sets the standard in Military Group 6TL Batteries and deliveres more Cranking Power than Transcontinental, Exide and Deka! 

Most importantly, its made in the USA!

Print the US 6TL spec sheet here!


12 Volts
Flooded Lead Acid Low Maintenance
Length : 10-1/2” 
Width : 11-7/8”
Height over terminals: 9”  

CCA & Capacity: 

CCA @ 0F = 825 CCA
CA @ 32 F = 1010 CA
215 Mins RC @ 25 Amps

1 Year Limited Warranty
Manufactured to order - 10 - 14 day lead time for this item
FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY - Check out the 6TMF from Deka HERE!

Compatible replacement for all of the following:

Interstate A6TL

Interstate 6TL

Deka 6TMF

Hawker Armasafe Plus

Hawker 9750N7025

Fiamm FGMX12120

NSN 6140-01-485-1472

Exide 6TL


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