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If you drive your 4x4 or Truck in the manner it was created, you give it real pounding. The last thing on your mind as you’re splashing through the mud or jumping the dunes should be your power supply.

Most off-road Trucks and SUV’s have complex electrical systems – powering flood lights, stereos, and electronics -- that require serious deep-cycle power, not to mention Cranking Amps!

Make your rig as dependable as it is tough by utilizing the benefits of a Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) battery with AGM technology.

Not only are these cells spill-proof and leak-proof so they can be mounted in virtually ANY position; they offer the absolute BEST vibration resistance of any battery on the market today.

Powerstride Battery can outfit you with a battery that will keep you truckin’ long after your competition is stuck in the mud. Drive into your local Powerstride Battery and have the experts show you the battery that is right for you!