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As you ride the waves, vibration causes active plate material to loosen and fall to the bottom of the battery case and can break inter-cell welds and grids. Loss of material decreases the life of the battery and could also cause shorts.

Nothing ruins a day on the water faster than a faulty battery. You need the very best battery for your personal watercraft that meets or exceeds your manufacturer's requirements. Only POWERSTRIDE BATTERY offers such a
complete selection of high quality, rugged batteries that can take all of the pounding you're sure to deliver!
That is why it is important to choose a Snowmobile battery that can produce the Cranking Amps and vibration resistance you need to start your ski right on time – EVRYTIME.

Powerstride Battery sells the finest selection of Personal Watercraft Batteries the industry offers! Call your local Powerstride Location to talk to our battery experts about powering your Personal Watercraft!