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A motorcycle battery has three main functions: it enables the engine to start with the electrical starter; it works as an extra power supply when your bike needs it; and it works as an absorber for high surges of electricity.

Because of the many functions your battery serves, you want to make sure that you not only have a battery that meets or exceeds OEM specs, you want a battery that can withstand temperature fluctuations, high vibration and fast charge capability.

When choosing either an acid flooded battery or dry-cell battery, it is important to know advantages and disadvantages of both.

A new flooded battery needs battery acid - fill it to the full mark, then let it sit for an hour and charge for at least 5 hours with a smart charger. If you don't ride often, consider getting a smart charger to keep your battery topped and in the best condition as most flooded cells will self-discharge after 10-15 weeks. Even with new technologies, flooded cell are very dependable methods of power and are typically much less expensive than their maintenance-free counterparts.

Dry cell batteries (whether AGM or Gel) offer a maintenance-free alternative to flooded cells, but are much more expensive. However, they often offer more cranking amps, longer storage (float) time before needing charging, and they can typically be mounted in any position whereas flooded cells can only be upright to avoid spillage. Another advantage of dry cell batteries is that they are fully charged and ready out of the box!

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