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Permanent and portable X-ray, CT Scans, MRI, oxygen generators, and IV pumps all use batteries for backup or extended use away from AC power supplies.

These batteries are typically the same batteries found in backup power systems used in emergency situations that power homes when electricity fails. The two basic components of battery-based storage systems are an inverter/charger and a set of DC batteries. The inverter/charger converts AC power from the grid to DC to charge the batteries. When power from the grid is lost, the inverter converts the DC battery power to AC to power the unit.

The length of time that a battery-based storage system can provide emergency power to these medical units depends on its overall capacity and the type of medical appliance used.

Battery-based systems are not designed to provide power over an extended length of time. These batteries are typically used no more than 2 – 10 hours as the situation demands.

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