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The major construction types of Golf Cart Batteries are flooded (wet), Gel, and AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries. Golf Cart Batteries are always Deep cycle batteries that can be discharged down as much as 80% repeatedly, and have thicker much more durable plates than “cranking” or starting batteries.

The term “Golf Cart Battery” is commonly used to describe most Deep Cycle 6 Volt or 8 Volt Batteries used in a variety of applications, but most often found in Golf Carts. Other common applications for the Golf Cart Battery include RV, Marine, Aerial Lifts, Work Platforms, Electric Vehicle Conversions and some Solar applications.

Reducing the average DoD (Depth-of-Discharge) and the number of discharge/charge cycles, by proper deep cycle battery or battery bank sizing will significantly increase a deep cycle battery service life. For example, a pasted plate wet Golf Cart battery with an average of 50% DoD will last twice as long or more as if it is has an 80% average DoD. A Golf Cart battery in service with a 20% DoD average can last up to five times longer than one with a 50% DoD average.

Wet Golf cart batteries will typically have an average 225 cycles at 80% DoD and 750 cycles at 50% DoD. To ensure your Golf Cart Batteries last longest, always avoid Depth-of-Discharges that are greater than 80%. The "sweet spot" (optimum DoD for the greatest amount of power produced over the service life) is generally somewhere between 20% DoD and 60% DoD average. For the AGM (Ca/Ca) VRLA battery example below the "sweet spot" is approximately 22.5% DoD based on the greatest amount of power produced.

While there is plenty of debate about which design – Flooded, AGM, or Gel – constitutes the “best” Golf Cart Battery, it is important to remember that each Golf Cart Battery has advantages and disadvantages for certain uses. It is always best to discuss the battery design, chemistry, and price that fits your needs with a trained battery professional.

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