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Odyssey PC2250ST Battery

Product Number: PC2250ST

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Odyssey PC2250ST Battery



PC 2250 Design:

  • Absorbent glass mat (AGM) technology
  • 12V battery pure VRLA
  • 11.26"L x 10.59"W x 9.17"H
  • Rugged construction
  • Dual SAE DIN Taper and 3/8" stud
  • Can be mounted in any orientation
  • Rope lifting handles
  • US DOT and IATA certified non-spillable
  • Shipped fully charged - just install and go
  • Container and cover made from oil resistant plastic

Performance Features:

  • PHCA: 2,250A at 80°F (27°C); for 5 seconds
  • CCA: 1,225A at 0°F (-18°C)
  • CA/MCA: 1,550A at 32° (0°C)
  • HCA: 1,730 at 80°F (27°C)
  • Reserve capacity: 240 minutes on 25amps
  • Short circuit current: 5,000A
  • Deep cycling capability: 400 at 80% DOD
  • Design life: 12 years
  • Typical service life: 6 to 8 years
Heavy duty truck and marine applications. 8D group size when using (2) in parallel.
Compatible replacement for all of the following:

Interstate A6TL

Interstate 6TL

Deka 6TMF

Hawker Armasafe Plus

Hawker 9750N7025

Fiamm FGMX12120

NSN 6140-01-485-1472

Exide 6TL