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Lifeline GPL-31T Deep Cycle AGM Battery

Product Number: GPL-31T


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Lifeline GPL-31T Deep Cycle AGM Battery

Group 31

Voltage: 12V

Rated Cap. Amp. Hrs. 20 Hr Rate: 105

Length in(mm): 12.90" (328)

Width in (mm): 6.75" (172)

Height in (mm): 9.27" (236)

Weight: 69.00lbs/31.40 Kgs

Cold Cranking Amps

68 - 880

32 - 750

0 - 600

Minutes of Discharge

25 Amps 195

15 Amps 340

8 Amps 688
Some benefits of this battery include:

Will not leak, even in an inverted position


Shock and Vibration Resistant 

Environmentally Friendly

Lower self-discharge rate

No gassing during charging

Maintenance Free, never needs water added

Due to the even distribution of the electrolyte, the plates remain covered and avoid any corrosion

Meets all EPA/OSHA rquirements

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Group size compatible for all of the following (specific CCAs and Cycle Capability vary):

Interstate 31P-VHD

Interstate 31P-ECL

Interstate 31P-LHD

Interstate 31P-MHD

Interstate 31-VHD

Interstate 31-ECL

Interstate 31-LHD

Interstate 31-MHD

Interstate 31-XHD

Power Volt V31P-5

Power Volt V31P-7

Power Volt V31P-7G

Power Volt V31S-5

Power Volt V31S-7

Power Volt V31S-7G

Power Volt VMF31P-5

Power Volt VMF31P-7

Power Volt VMF31S-5

Power Volt VMF31S-7

AC Delco 1110

AC Delco 1111

AC Delco 1150

AC Delco 1151

AC Delco 1200

AC Delco 1201

AC Delco 31-900CT

AC Delco 31-901CT

AC Delco S2000

AC Delco ACD31TP

AC Delco ACD31TS

AC Delco ACD1109C

AC Delco ACD1149C

Douglas 31-5

Douglas 31-5T

Douglas 31-4

Douglas 31-3

Douglas 31-3T

Douglas 31-HD

Douglas 31-HDT

Douglas 31-FS

Douglas 31-FST

East Penn - Deka 931MF

East Penn - Deka 931PMF

East Penn - Deka 1031MF

East Penn - Deka 1031PMF

East Penn - Deka 1131MF

East Penn - Deka 1131PMF

East Penn - Deka 1131XMF

East Penn - Deka 1131XMFD

East Penn - Deka 1131XPMF

East Penn - Deka 1231MF

East Penn - Deka 1231PMF

Exide COM-31D

Exide COM-31E

Exide CR-31

Exide HP-31D

Exide HP-31E

Exide HC-31D

Exide HC-31E

Exide XRF-31D

Exide XRF-31E

Exide RF-311D

Exide RF-31E

Motorcraft BH-31

Motorcraft BH-31XL

Motorcraft BH-31XT

Motorcraft BH-31P-XL

Motorcraft BH-31PXT

Motorcraft BH-31DC

Napa 7231

Napa 7232

Napa 7234

Napa 7235

Napa 7236

Napa 7237

Napa 7238

Napa 7239

Pep Boys 31-950

Pep Boys 31P-950

Pep Boys 31P-750

Sears 27701

Sears 27702

Sears 27721

Sears 27722

Sears 27993

Sears 27994

Wal Mart ES-31