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Lifeline GPL-24T Deep Cycle AGM Battery

Product Number: GPL-24T

SKU: 865

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Voltage: 12V

Amp. Hrs. 20 Hr Rate: 80

Length in(mm): 11.13

Width in (mm): 6.77

Height in (mm): 9.25


Cold Cranking Amps

68 - 800

32 - 680

0 - 550

Minutes of Discharge

25 Amps 149

15 Amps 259

8 Amps 524


5 YEAR Manufacturer Warranty!
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Replaces all of the following:

Interstate 24M-RD

Interstate 24M-HD

Interstate 24M-XHD

Power Volt V24M-4

Power Volt V24M-6

Power Volt V24M-6P

AC Delco C24HP

AC Delco C24MF

Auto Zone 24MS-DL

Auto Zone 24MDP-VL

Auto Zone 24MS-3

Auto Zone 34MS

Auto Zone 34M

Douglas 4STAR-24

Douglas Captain-24

Douglas 1STMATE-24

Douglas BOSUN-24

Douglas 24DCM

East Penn - Deka 24M7

East Penn - Deka 24M6

East Penn - Deka 24M5

East Penn - Deka 24M4

East Penn - Deka 24M3

Exide ST24MS525

Exide ST24MS650

Exide ST24MS000

Exide XXHD-M-24

Exide XHD-M-24

Exide HD-M-24

Motorcraft BHA-24M

Napa 8304

Napa 8303

Napa 8261

Napa 8260

Pep Boys 24M-500

Sears 27415

Wal Mart 24MS-6

EverStart 24DP-4

EverStart 24DC-6

EverStart 24MS-6

Interstate SRM-24

Interstate HD24-DP

Power Volt 24DC6

Power Volt 24DC7

AC Delco M24MF

AC Delco DC24

Auto Zone 24MD-DL

Auto Zone 24MDC-2

Auto Zone 34MD

Auto Zone D34M

East Penn - Deka DP24

East Penn - Deka DC24

Exide ST24DC140

Exide ST24DP625

Exide NC-24

Exide NG-24

Motorcraft BH-24MDC

Napa 8302

Napa 8241

Napa 8240

Sears 2794

Wal Mart 24DC

Wal Mart 24DC-6

Wal Mart 24DP

Wal Mart 24DP-4


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