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Lester Electrical

Lester Electrical is the worldwide leader in producing industrial battery chargers, custom electrical products, and power management systems for the electric vehicle and stationary power markets. Lester has become the industry standard because their name is synonymous with high-quality, high-reliability products and their commitment to unparalleled levels of customer service.

Lester’s customer base includes leading manufacturers of electric wheelchairs, golf carts, floor scrubbers, aerial work platforms, forklifts, and electric vehicles. Lester offers a variety of products with UL, cUL, CSA, and CE listings.

The Lester engineering staff possesses experience in the development, design, and manufacture of advanced power electronics that is unequaled in the industry. This expertise is enhanced through continuous training, advanced education, and a commitment to being the leader in technology and innovation in the industry.

All Lester products are proudly designed and built in the United States.

Lester Electrical

For Work...Lester Electrical manufactures battery chargers for Aerial Work Platforms (AWPs), Floor Scrubbers, Industrial Vehicles, Motive Power, and Stationary applications.

Life...Lester Electrical is recognized as a worldwide leader in production of battery chargers for use in durable medical equipment such as powered wheelchairs and personal mobility vehicles.

and Play ...Lester Electrical's first customer was a golf car manufacturer and the golf industry remains one of the largest portions of our business. We also manufacture specialty battery chargers for use with electric hunting vehicles and electric All- Terrain Vehicles.

Lester Electrical offers a variety of microprocessor-controlled SCR and ferroresonant battery chargers for use worldwide. Options are available to customize chargers to specific AC inputs and DC outputs. We also offer a complete line of service and replacement parts for any charger manufactured by Lester Electrical.