Forklift & Pallet Jack Batteries

Forklift & Pallet Jack Batteries

It is important to determine which size forklift battery you need. It is also important to consider which type of electric forklift battery technology to use, lithium or lead acid forklift batteries. Commercial forklifts are generally powered by either lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries. 

The technology behind each of these industrial batteries and pallet jack batteries differs, and they both have a different impact on forklift's battery efficiency and lifespan. 

Lead-acid batteries are the older standard for forklift batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are a newer, more efficient technology. Lithium-ion batteries contains chemistries for the material handling industry. They more compact and energy dense than lead-acid. These batteries fight off corrosion better and have a longer cycle-life.

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Different Types of OEM Forklift Batteries


There are many different types of pallet jacks and forklifts available. There are also different types of batteries that power these vehicles. Here are some of the different types of batteries available. 


Flat Plate Batteries


This is the standard type of battery that comes in most forklifts, pallet jacks, and pallet trucks. This battery uses energy that comes from a chemical reaction between lead plates and sulfuric acid. These require you to water your battery regularly, or the chemical reaction will degrade the battery, resulting in downtime and battery failure.


Tubular Plate Batteries


This battery type boasts higher load voltages and longer run times. Tubular plate batteries are larger than flat plate ones and they have more problems than flat plate batteries. These batteries are best in environments where power systems are minimal.


High Amp-Hour Batteries


These batteries are beneficial for working environments where a replacement forklift battery may be necessary. These batteries are best when forklifts need to work for long periods of time without being interrupted.


Maintenance-Free Batteries


These batteries do not require any water which makes them perfect for clean workplaces such as food storage. Maintenance-free batteries eliminate the chance of gassing or spilling while watering them. This type of battery often has the shortest warranty.


Forklift Battery Sizes


Electric pallet jacks and forklift battery specifications aren’t the same across the board. Forklift battery weight, size, voltage, and battery charging vary. Forklift battery sizes are chosen based on how large the vehicle is. Different types of heavy duty vehicles typically use one of these voltage options:


24-voltforklift battery
36-voltforklift battery
48-voltforklift battery
80-voltforklift battery

Forklift Battery Watering 


The water inside of lead-acid industrial batteries require attention and maintenance. Lithium-ion batteries are sealed shut and the chemicals inside will stay inside. Lead-acid batteries are the opposite. They require an entire forklift battery watering system that must be used if you want the battery to function well for its maximum service life.


The watering system involves topping off with water when the battery is fully charged and cooled down. The batteries require refilling often enough so that the top of the lead plates is never exposed. This is typically done every 10 charge cycles. It is important to leave enough space for the liquids inside to expand. There are also battery watering systems that automatically add exactly the right amount of water for you.


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