J.I.S. Automotive Batteries

J.I.S. Automotive Batteries

Are you looking for a JIS replacement car or truck battery? Powerstride Battery offers a complete line of the very best JIS automotive batteries for any make and model car and truck vehicle!

Our ruggedly designed batteries are engineered for industrial performance in passenger car and truck applications. Don't trust your automotives performance to a discount auto store battery!


To make sure the replacement JIS battery you purchase will fit and work correctly, be sure to check the specifications of the existing battery as well as the physical dimensions. The spec sheet of the battery you are considering will provide the information you need to make your purchase. Two critical specifications you need when shopping for car or truck batteries is voltage (or power) and size dimensions. This information will allow you to match the correct JIS battery with that of your vehicle.

WE ARE HERE TO HELP! If you need help determining which Car or Truck Battery is right for you, CALL US TOLL FREE at 877-576-9379.

  • M44 AGM J.I.S. Battery (discontinued)

    M44 AGM J.I.S. Battery (discontinued)


    The POWERSTRIDE AGM M44 is seven -- YES 7! -- J.I.S. Batteries in ONE!Replaces many flooded lead acid Japenese Auto (Honda FIT and Toyota Prius), Japanese Forklift Starting, and OEM Generator Batteries.SPECIFICATIONS12  Volts55 Ah Capacity380 CCA at...
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