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What does “Smart Charger” mean?

In short..?

It means that particular charging manufacturer’s marketing department has been working overtime to come up with a way to make you think their technology is more sophisticated than “the other guys'” technology.

There are many terms used today to describe one brands technological superiority over another.

As a consumer, it’s easy to get glamored by advertised battery and charger “technology” but it’s really important to remember the rechargeable lead acid battery was invented over 150 years ago, and neither the rechargeable lead-acid battery, nor the chargers have changed a whole lot since then.

Charging a battery is a simple matter of manipulating time, voltage, and sometimes current.
So, when you see the words “Smart Charger” just know it has automatic shut off’s and reprogrammed circuits, but nothing about the unit is actually “analyzing” your battery… The charger is simply reading voltage and reacting according to it’s design.

Most automatic battery chargers use a basic three stage profile that continues to work very well in optimizing a battery’s life. There is simply no need for extreme technology here, and any brand that claims to extend battery life by leaps and bounds, or fully charge a battery in half the time of a comparably sized charger should be viewed with suspicion.

In addition, there are so many variables a battery is exposed to, it’s very difficult to measure battery life outside of lab testing, that’s why battery manufactures generally rate the life in “Full Cycles” or at 3-5 years, and that is what you should expect is you properly maintain your batteries.

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  1. Thank you for you’re expertise on batteries. I live in ny and allready purchased a 12 volt deep cycle Marine battery and i need a good charger for it what would you recommend ?

  2. What type of battery charger and brand should i get for a deep cycle 12 volt Marine battery?
    Thanx Rich

  3. Do you have to charge every day to keep the battery’s fully charged, or would you do it once a week , I only go about 2miles a day on the golf cart, to the dog park and back..

  4. The Battery Genius /

    we are always reinforing the notion of charging your batteries back up when you get them back to a charging outlet. This helps to avoid repeatedly draining them and sulfating them. smart chargers will make the ongoing charging process easy and relieve the fear of overcharging.

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