Everything you ever wanted to know about batteries

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Uh, OH! Batteries Not Included! Some Assembly Required!

Uh, OH! Batteries Not Included! Some Assembly Required!

Dec 16, 2011

The Power Wheels Car or Truck of your child’s dreams is being prepared for Christmas or Hanukkah and you realize in the eleventh hour that you have a TON of building to do on their toy or – even worse – you’ve forgotten the extra batteries! Or, maybe you’re getting all those electronic devices wrapped up and realize that four...

What?!? Not covered under warranty?

What?!? Not covered under warranty?

Nov 11, 2011

Had a customer recently who was shocked to find that his one year old battery wasn’t covered under warranty… Manufacturer warranties are typically pretty clear about overcharging as well as undercharging your battery. Make sure you have a properly working charging system before you lay out big cash on an expensive battery only to cook it worse than...

When summer heats up, Stay Hydrated!

My daddy used to work me to near death on his farm in rural Missouri. Hot summers with 90% humidity and a high sun scalding the back of my neck would make me (literally) beg for an afternoon dip in the shallows of the Gasconade River. A couple of times, I can remember actually frying an egg on the asphalt of Highway AB (really route 66) at the end of the...

What is a hydrometer and how do I read one?

What is a hydrometer and how do I read one?

Jul 2, 2010

A hydrometer is used to determine the state of charge of each cell of a battery. The hydrometer will determine the cells specific gravity of electrolyte (its weight compared to water). A hydrometer is a bulb or tear drop syringe which will extract electrolyte from the cell. A float in the hydrometer is calibrated to read in terms of specific gravity. A common...

How to jump-start a dead car battery

Dead batteries are miserable business: it means you’ll probably be late and will have to track down someone who’s willing to give you a jump-start. On top of that, many people find jump-starting cars to be intimidating or frightening. “What if I put the cables on backwards?” “What if the battery explodes?” “What if I kill the other car?”...

What is a Battery Watering System?

Oh, ho!  A Battery Watering System, you ask? It’s only the best thing to happen to flooded lead acid batteries since the built in handle! You know the hassle of taking off each and every cell cap, and then carefully checking to make sure you don’t spill acid all over your garage floor, clothes, and your golf cart?  Then having to precisely measure...