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Amp It Up!

Amp It Up!

Powerstride Battery Company Product Spotlight Featuring Kinetik HC-Pro Series- Advance AGM. “Energy. Power. Style”

HC-PRO – 3 year warranty (For the Pros)

HC-REV – 2 year warranty (For the Semi-Pros)

HC-BLU – 1 year warranty (For Entry Level Competitors)


If you are building a professional quality 12 volt electronic system then you understand that the critical base of power must be state of the art.  Pros and semi-pros are looking for state of the art solutions. The kinetic HC Series advanced AGM is a industry player. Kinetik is the brand audio power enthusiasts have identified to supply their power and performance needs. This proud American based robotic computer controlled manufacturing facilities is now creating even higher quality AGM (absorbed Glass Mat and Lithium) power solutions. They are calling you to witness the difference. Go ahead and amp it up!

Advanced Construction – starting from the outside and looking in. Kinetik houses premium quality plastics with rib-reinforced casing to establish durability and extend performance. You can install your HC – PRO batteries in any direction. There are so many modern day needs for powering a variety of applications in endless recreational and commercial arenas. So, you find the need for power and space and Kinetik will fit the need one way or another. These sealed non-hazardous designed batteries are approved for ground, sea and air transport. They are precision built to exact BCI index standards and meet Department of transportation (DOT 49CFR173.159) regulations.

Premium Power- 99.9% pure lead promises both exceptional quick start every time with up to 2,150 pulse amps and strong engine cranking with exceptional CCA ratings. Simultaneously market leading AGM technology holds deep reserve discharge and cycling capacity. You can reach down to 80% of depth of discharge 400 times! Let’s not forget the benefit of faster recharge that AGM technology offers.

Ideal market focus – Kinetik is the solution to multi-purpose power demands. It is ideal for vehicle starting and supporting power to aftermarket equipment such as amps, compressors, hid/led lighting kits, Icd/Led screens and all other 12v components you might add to your vehicle!

Kinetik HC-PRO Power Cells by UPG deliver superior cranking, unrivaled cycling, faster recharge and minimal maintenance.

As always you can find the best battery products at www.powerstridebattery.com. Talk to a battery specialist today!

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