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Multipurpose SLA Batteries | UB12150F2

Constantly recharging, maintaining, or replacing your Flooded Lead Batteries can be a tiring task that is frustrating, expensive, and potentially dangerous. Flooded Lead Batteries Dangers & Problems – Acid Spills – It is common for Flooded Lead Batteries to easily spill the acid they contain due to cornering, vibration, and accidental crashes....

Multipurpose SLA Batteries | UB6120F1 & UB6120F2

The UB6120F1 & UB6120F2 SLA Batteries by Powerstride Battery, offer similar advantages but have one distinct and important difference. Being designed as a Sealed Lead Acid Battery (SLA), both batteries recharge quickly, reduce environmental damage, prevent acid spills and corrosion, and are easier to use and install. These benefits help thousands of...

Multipurpose SLA Batteries | UB1290F2

Multipurpose SLA Batteries | UB1290F2

Oct 11, 2013

Cars, ATV’s, motorcycles, you name it and you will most likely find a battery buried within the depths of all its other electrical components. We tend to forget how essential batteries are to the actual use of a product until the battery dies and with it the product as well. Because batteries are such a common and integral part of our everyday lives, it is...