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Safely Handle Battery Acid

Battery Acid.  Electrolyte. They both mean the same thing.  They are the mixture of water and sulfuric acid inside the battery you can hear sloshing around that can ruin your favorite jeans, and burn your eyes and skin. HOWEVER, The Battery Genius is here to help you SAFELY handle Battery Acid, prepare electrolyte, and clean spills. Remember The Battery...

What is a Battery Watering System?

Oh, ho!  A Battery Watering System, you ask? It’s only the best thing to happen to flooded lead acid batteries since the built in handle! You know the hassle of taking off each and every cell cap, and then carefully checking to make sure you don’t spill acid all over your garage floor, clothes, and your golf cart?  Then having to precisely measure...

How to Maintain Deep Cycle Batteries

The Battery Genius knows a thing or two about maintaining your deep cycle batteries.  I’m going to teach you now, but before I do, I want you to realise the importance of doing ALL of these things in order to make your batteries last their longest.  Don’t be that guy in Duluth or Cleveland that does ONE or TWO of these things and then whines...

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