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Subaru XT Battery (1991, H6 2.7L AT)

Product Number: PS25-675

SKU: 111347

Availability: In stock

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Group 25 Battery - Group 86 Compatible (Check Dimensions for fit)

Voltage: 12 
CCA: 520
CA: 650
RC: 80 Min.

Length: 9.50" 
Width: 6.75" 
Height Over Terminals: 8.62"

Terminals: SAE Auto Post
Chemistry: Main. Free - Flooded Lead Acid 

3 Year warranty - 1 Year Free-Replacement / 2 Year Pro-rata Warranty (Applies to Internet Sales Only in Automotive Applications) 
Includes Free Ground Shipping!

When purchasing this battery, you are agreeing to the Hazardous Battery Terms & Conditions 

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