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A definitive Difference

A Definitive Difference

Not all Batteries are created equally. Quality and performance is the result of the definitive difference that is Deka East Penn manufacturing.

This is no surprise coming from the world’s largest and most modern single site battery manufacturing facility! Rather than just talking about products and prices, it is beneficial to learn about the companies that make the products you and I purchase. Are there differences with the companies that would lead us to believe their products are any different than others?

Imagine the East Penn/ Deka battery manufacturing complex that spans 520 acres in Lyon Station PA. The Deka difference begins at home in America! American made, this means something. There are 4 distinct automotive battery plants, an industrial battery plant, another specialty battery plant, a modern oxide facility, recycling infrastructure that incorporates a refinery and smelter, a distribution fleet, a cable, wire and battery accessory plant, and a center along with dozens of support and operations facilities and manufacturing capabilities.

The tradition of excellence at East Penn Manufacturing is long standing since 1946. The difference with Deka is what they call A3 or advanced-cubed precision focused manufacturing. This approach is established through high tech facilities and systems monitoring and control. Their aim is to offer the best in power, life and durability. And this is how Deka came to be a true industry leader in advanced battery manufacturing. East Penn is a recognized globally for having met the very difficult worldwide ISO 9001 manufacturing standards and the ISO/TS  16949 certification standards.

Beyond their success in product manufacturing Deka has built an equally great track record in environmental protection. Running parallel with their 66 year tradition in manufacturing excellence in reaching the very highest certifications is an equally impressive dedication to environmental health and safety. The Deka “Environmental Protection Program” runs a smelter and refinery that is an example to the industry recycling virtually 100% of every used lead acid battery component brought into the facility. Additionally, Deka has created the battery industry’s first acid reclamation plant avoiding potentially hazardous acid waste disposal. They didn’t stop there, East Penn also treats and recycles the wastewater from their various manufacturing plants utilizing their own modern wastewater distillation and treatment plants, reducing the natural ground water consumption by 100,000 gallons per day. This follows suit with other green power initiatives the company practices with each business day such as recycling paper, card board, plastic, aluminum cans and glass bottles. Yet another environmental practice of East Penn manufacturing is the development of scrubber units that eliminates dioxide emissions. The philosophy of smart, safe, efficient and environmentally sound values are practiced everyday companywide throughout this massive manufacturing plant. These practices and the overall innovation and dedication to environmentally sound business practices make East Penn Deka, the most environmentally conscious and proactive battery manufacturer and recycler in the world!

Deka is leading the country in powering performance in just about every battery application you can imagine and protecting a safe and clean environment along the way.


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